Thread & Whisk creates beautiful tools to enhance your cooking and making endeavors.
Our focus is on creating purposeful design, using quality materials and time-honed skills. We honor the spirit of tradition while being firmly planted in the 21st century. Our products are proudly made in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Beauty + Utility / Our Totes

Transport your culinary treats and daily essentials from here to there in style. The unique design of our Bloom Culinary Totes ensure that your movable feast arrives ready to be shared. They feature spill-proof linings and insulated bases. Our carry-all totes are comfortable to haul, come in an array of colors and each have unique details like solid brass key clips that add to their functionality.

Style + Function / Our Aprons

Grace and Rowan are so stylish, you might be surprised at their many functional details, especially the clever detachable hand towels. These lightweight linen aprons are so comfortable you hardly feel like you are wearing them. The beautiful fabric and design seem like they were meant to be part of your outfit.


We love to create. We are Portland makers. Slow down and enjoy with us. Try one of our favorite recipes or projects.




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