Don’t you love it when something makes your eyes light up and paints a smile across your face?  We love that feeling too.  Call it a brief moment of grace.  For us, it means as much to feel it as it does to watch it transpire in someone else.  It comes from a humble expression of generosity, a shared experience with a cherished friend, or a simple pleasure to which you’ve treated yourself.  Grace is all around us.  Move too hastily or not be fully present and it's easy to miss.  

Thread & Whisk is about slowing down and creating joy in everyday tasks.  We are about taking the time to do something well, just because it makes the moment more worth it.  It is also about purposeful design, using quality materials and time-honed skills because these things heighten the beauty in our moments.  We honor the spirit of tradition while being firmly planted in the 21st century.  Thread & Whisk is about seeking out those moments of grace through food, design, celebration, sharing, learning and just being.

Thread & Whisk is about modernizing tradition to find grace in everyday tasks.

Carey is the thread that reminds us that great days are a series of well-spent moments all tied together.  She is a designer and maker.  Her formative years as a ballet dancer have inspired her lifelong appreciation for living every moment of an experience (as well as her flair for the dramatic).  She relishes that there is as much beauty in the process as there is in the final outcome.

Meri is the whisk that nudges you to whip a little air into the cream to make it worthy of a celebration.  She is a chef and journalist (and definitely not a hand model).  Her curious nature drives her to learn all there is about something and distill it to its true essence.  She's as fervent about asking who, what, when as a writer as she is about experiencing the taste, smell, feel as a cook.  The best part of both professions is sharing her knowledge with others.