Calla - A Simple Tote


Prettier than your average tote, Calla is a fashionable workhorse. Our palate of canvas colors is paired with sturdy cotton webbing straps that are detailed with fashion-forward trim. A brass accessory clip is the perfect place to attach your keys or a small pouch so you don’t have to dig too deep to find the essentials. You can also attach the brass clip to the interior of the decorative drawstring to keep your belongings a bit more secure. Calla compliments your stylish ways easily so you can seamlessly haul your day’s necessities along.

Why We Made Calla - The Backstory

A while back, we noticed that as we arrived at our studio each morning, we both had multiple bags up and down our arms. Purse, lunch tote, computer bag, work out gear, you name it - we have a lot to carry! However, too many little bags were becoming cumbersome. So we decided to make ourselves a generously sized, yet stylish, tote that could consolidate all our bits and pieces. The idea for Calla bloomed. She’s a classic design with a Thread & Whisk twist. As usual, function + fashion drove our design process. Now, we arrive and leave each day with one (or max two) bags on our arms. Should we make a spontaneous stop at the grocery at the end of the day, Calla’s a sturdy sack. Problem solved!


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