Flounce Goldenrod


Flounce Goldenrod


Consider the Flounce as an accessory to your fashionable Grace Apron.

  • Button it to your apron and you never have to search for the nearest towel.  
  • Helps keep your apron clean by being on hand at all times.
  • Available in 5 colors.  Each one complements all colors of the Grace apron.  (Fabric trim is updated occasionally, and always coordinates.)
  • 100% linen.  Dries quickly.

Throw your soiled flounce in the laundry and grab a clean one.  You'll look gorgeous when your dinner guests arrive.

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Each apron comes with one flounce.  Additional ones are available for purchase.  Choosing a color is the hardest part.  We've done the hard part of choosing a flounce color to go with your apron, but if you'd prefer a different color instead, just let us know at checkout.