Linden - Market Tote


Inspired by French market baskets, Linden is the perfect carrier for your haul whether it comes from the farmers’ market or the grocery store. You’ll love Linden’s proportions. Stack your heavier goods on the bottom, while the flared sides allow your flowers, greens and baguettes to splay out on top without getting crushed. The sturdy cotton straps give the bag plenty of muscle to fill it with a feast even though the canvas tote itself is delightfully lightweight. Linden fits comfortably over your shoulder to keep your hands free for more important jobs, like waving to friends. Like all of our totes, a cheerful pop of color and fashion-forward trims distinguish Linden from the rest of the pack. Toting Linden, you’ll be the most stylish shopper at the market.

Why We Made Linden - The Backstory

There is a reason people carry straw baskets to the market. They are easy to load up with your goods, they are not tippy like other totes, and they give your flowers and delicate produce the breathing room they deserve. Not to mention, they are often beautiful. But… they take up a lot of space at home, and can sometimes be unwieldy as you wind through the market. We decided to take the features we love in a straw basket and marry them to the things we love in a canvas tote. That’s how the Linden Market Tote came to be - a charming, completely practical, and a modern take on tradition. Linden is lightweight and collapsible, so you can easily tuck it away when you aren’t using it. Although, we have found that there are many non-scripted uses for Linden. It is ideal for toting beach towels and can even stand in as a weekend get-away tote.


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