Rowan - Linen Apron


Don’t let your inspiration be dampened by the fear of making a mess. There’s a simple fix for that whether your happy place is in the kitchen or your garage-turned-art-studio. You might wonder, Who wears an apron these days? If you ask us, we think everyone should. You’ve spent some time picking out your clothes, so protect them with the Rowan Apron. Go ahead, unleash your creativity without getting dirty. Rowan is lightweight and comfortable and shields you from splatters by paintbrushes and immersion blenders alike. You’ll actually be surprised how little you’ll have to launder your apron since Rowan has a detachable Snap Cloth. Wipe your hands on this always-in-reach-hand-towel instead of your apron. To add to Rowan’s utility, four pockets provide plenty of room for your phone, your tools, and whatever else folks put in their pockets. Adjustable crossback straps allow you to get that “just right” fit. But maybe the best thing about Rowan is how good you look wearing it while creating your masterpieces.

Why We Made Rowan - The Backstory

If you’ve made it this far into the Thread & Whisk world, there’s no doubt you’ve already met Grace - the apron that elevates apron-wearing. Partly due to her beautiful style and definitely because of her functionality, our Grace Apron is a big hit. Grace, however, is definitely feminine. Since an apron that looks a lot like a dress is not for everyone, and because we had some customer requests, we decided to create a new apron that is more down-to-business. Say hello to Rowan. Made from the same comfortable and lightweight linen as Grace, and with the same features like adjustable straps and detachable hand towel, Rowan is for everyone. Its style captures you at your best, no matter how big the mess.


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