The Bloom Culinary Tote Collection

Carry your moveable feast from here to there in style.

Inspired by Japanese rice bags (komebukuro) used to make temple offerings during traditional festivals, the Bloom Culinary Tote collection prompts us to foster community, share meals and enjoy simple moments together. When you arrive at your destination, loosen the draw cord and your tote will bloom like a flower to reveal your treats.
The default food carrier for many of us has often been a grocery bag, which is neither stylish nor spill-proof. These totes are designed to carry food and drink to your destination securely, beautifully and at the right temperature. The interiors are easy to wipe clean in case we drive a bit quickly ’round the curves. Whether it’s a healthy breakfast you’ve packed for yourself to take on the go or a gourmet dish you’ll be sharing at a party, we encourage you to #CookMakeShare the contents of your Bloom.


Dahlia - 12-inch Large Culinary Tote

Dahlia is ideal for carrying a large serving bowl or round casserole. It looks like a fashion accessory with its stylish canvas exterior and leather handle, but it’s a workhorse in disguise. The interior is made for business with its spill-proof lining and removable insulated base. When the drawstring is cinched, the body of the tote cocoons the contents and keeps them from sliding around. The sturdy leather handle and brass snap give you peace of mind while carrying your culinary creation. Heading to a dinner party or potluck? Take Dahlia!

Larkspur - 2 Bottle Wine Carrier

Larkspur is the handsomely understated life of the party. Discreet on the outside, it opens up to reveal your favorite libations. The canvas body of this tote is spacious enough to accommodate larger bottles of sparkling wine too. You can customize the adjustable leather strap to carry it exactly how you want it. The exterior drop pocket is the perfect place to quickly stash your keys or phone when you are on the run. Inside, you’ll find a corkscrew pocket in the divider that also keeps your bottles from clanking together. Why take two bottles? More to share, of course.

Sweet Pea - 6 inch Petite Culinary Tote

Sweet Pea is ideal for carrying a hearty breakfast, a light lunch, or a dozen cookies to share with your friends. Consider it to be a simpler version of our Dahlia tote with many of the same features such as a spill-proof lining and removable insulated base. Cinch the drawstring closed around your treats, slip the handle over your wrist and off you go.

Calla - Simple Tote

Prettier than your average tote, Calla is a fashionable workhorse. Our palette of canvas colors is paired with sturdy cotton webbing straps that are detailed with fashion-forward trim. A brass accessory clip is the perfect place to attach your keys or a small pouch so you don’t have to dig too deep to find the essentials. You can also attach the brass clip to the interior of the decorative drawstring to keep your belongings a bit more secure. Calla compliments your stylish ways easily so you can seamlessly haul your day’s necessities along.

Trillium - Clutch

The Trillium Recipe Clutch is perfect for taking your printed recipes on-the-go. While you are cooking, the clutch acts like a recipe stand. Designed to work with our growing collection of recipe booklets, it also works as a stand for most printed recipes and even tablets. Pop it up and tuck your recipe into the gorgeous leather strap for easy viewing as you finish your dish. Or fill it with your phone, wallet and keys and tuck your hand under the strap to securely carry Trillium out on the town.